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4x4 in Schools


Getting involved is easy. We provide a teachers guide that steps you through the process of establishing and running 4×4 in Schools and to assist we can connect you to teachers in your area who will be able to share knowledge, experience and resources.

Schools and students wanting to undertake the 4×4 in Schools program must register online. We will then include you in all the appropriate emails, newsletters and communications that will help you get started in 4×4 in Schools.

To be able to participate in State or National competitions all teams MUST be registered prior to their first competition event and prior to the published team registrations deadline. In addition, a Challenge Agreement Form MUST be completed by the supervising teacher, parent/guardian where applicable and returned to REA prior to the cut off dates.

There are no fees associated with School Registrations. Fees will only apply to those teams that represent their region at a State or National Final.

Classes of Competition

Teams – Each team must consist of a minimum of three and maximum of five students in years 5 though 12. The young people may all be of the same age or a mixture of young people of different ages. Educational organisations may set teams with young people from across different year groups. Teams of more than five will not be allowed to enter the competition. All teams must follow a safe working practice at all times of their vehicle build.

Entry Class – The challenge is split into two classes for entry into the competition, Development and Professional. Each team must decide which class they would like to enter before registering to compete at a state final. The two classes will be judged separately to each other and separate awards will be presented.

Development Class – This is open to students in years 5 through 9 entering the challenge for the first time. Development Class teams must use the REA starter kit containing a remote controlled vehicle. The starter kit will also include a vehicle battery and battery charger. This vehicle will be allowed to be entered into the challenge however Development Class team’s must manufacture their own vehicle body, the vehicle electrics (light and tilt sensor), tow hitch and have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the vehicle’s suspension, drive train, chassis and wheels. Students can only participate in this class once with the exception of year 5 students who can re-register in this class in year 6.

Any student from a Development Class team who wishes to re-enter into the competition again can only enter as a Professional team. These teams

Professional Class – This class is open to new teams in years 7 through 12 and existing teams who previously competed in the Development Class in year 6. Professional Class teams may reuse components from their starter kit vehicle but as a minimum must alter/modify the vehicle body, vehicle chassis and all vehicle electrics (light and tilt sensor) themselves, on top of either manufacturing or purchasing and modifying other elements of the vehicle such as the drive train, suspension, steering and wheels. Any ‘off the shelf’ items used must be declared in the team’s portfolio and Bill of Material (B.O.M).

Other Key Information

  • At a National Final Event there is ONE overall Professional Class division. The overall Professional Class National Champions will represent Australia at the World Final.
  • Eligibility for participation in National and World Final competitions requires all team members to be enrolled as full-time primary or secondary students at the time of the event.
  • A student’s school year group is determined from the year group the student is in during the year of regional and state competition.
  • Inter-school collaboration teams are eligible to compete and they are encouraged.
  • These class definitions must be read in conjunction with the 4×4 in Schools™ Rules and Regulations document downloadable from the Resources page of the website.