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F1 in Schools Primary Challenge

The F1inSchools Primary Challenge has been designed as a sub set of the High Schools Technology Challenge and is aimed at students in years 4-6.

While there are a number of primary schools already involved in the High School version F1iS, due to the requirement for in house technology, there are few primary schools equipped with this technology or have access to these capabilities. The primary challenge has thus been designed to allow primary schools to have little if any technology in the schools.

It takes some of the most exciting elements of the F1iS and simplifies them for primary students and allows them to undertake the program in 1-2 days. It allows the students as young as 6 experience the outcomes of designing and F1 car along the way gaining hand on experience in maths, science and manufacturing. What is also maintained in this program is the racing of the cars. This is the element that the students can’t seem to get enough of.

A key component of this program is that the primary schools are linked to local high schools facilitating an environment for collaboration between the schools. It also provides an opportunity for the primary students to access technology such as wind tunnels and smoke tunnels, which may exist in the high schools.

This program already has over 200 schools in the UK involved and many schools in Australia already signed up to roll out the program.