Alumni and Teachers: We are keen to hear your story(s).


Real stories have the capacity to create real influence.

As we start working with the next 1,000,000 students (and teachers), we are keen to publish stories about the journeys of those who have gone before. We want to highlight how alumni and teachers have achieved their dreams and career goals.

We would like to understand where you are now, what’s been interesting along your career journey and how involvement in REA programs influenced that journey.

Your story should be conversational, and if possible written in the third person, looking in on your journey from the outside. If you can squeeze it into 500 or 600 words max, it will help us as we may need to summarise your story to fit with different media streams.

Below is a form where we ask for information about you and your involvement in our programs, your contact details, and your permission to re-tell your story to the world. 

We would be interested to know if you would like to be involved in a Podcast about your journey. Podcasting is a technology we are utilising to help highlight how our programs are influencing positive career outcomes.

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