4×4 in Schools

4x4 in Schools

ATTENTION:  Due to COVID impacting REA resourcing, there will be NO external competition for this STEM challenge in 2021. This will be reviewed at the end of 2021 for the 2022 season.

Schools are welcome to use REA resources to deliver the project in their school but MUST submit a School Registration (no charge) if doing so.

Extreme STEM Learning

The 4×4 in Schools Technology Challenge is an international competition which takes in-class STEM learning to a whole new level.

Student teams not only design and construct an off-road vehicle with a trailer, they have to incorporate remote controlled steering and use it to negotiate an ‘extreme’ 4×4 obstacle course. While the clock is ticking.

This combination of mechanics and electronics is similar to the challenges faced by professional Automotive Engineers. The program involves developing concepts and detailed CAD design through to manufacturing, assembly and testing. Whilst at the same time collaborating with industry, teamwork, project management, self promotion and public speaking.

There is no limit to where students can take this challenge. It starts with a ready to go starter kit that the students begin applying sensors and control circuits to. It can progress in the professional category to a fully blown autonomous vehicle.

The 4×4 in Schools Technology Challenge is an ideal incentive or education tool for engaging students in STEM and it provides them as well as their teachers with a new opportunity to develop key skills.

The program is linked to the international 4×4 in Schools Technology Challenge.


4×4 in Schools Introductory Overview

Interested in running 4×4 in Schools in your School? Here is an introductory overview of 4×4 in Schools to help explain what it’s all about and how you can start running it in your school.

Instant Success

In the same way that Team Australia has dominated the World Finals of F1 in Schools for well over a decade, our students have made an immediate impact on this program.

  • 2015 inaugural World Finals – 2nd outright
  • 2016 World Finals – 1st and 2nd
  • 2017 World Finals – 3rd outright