Since 1998 numerous visionary and philanthropic individuals and organisations have partnered with REA to help facilitate the direct impact we have had on over 500,000 students across Australia. Their support has included both financial and in-kind contributions, assisted with mentoring of students, supply of event judges and event venues. The following are just a small portion of those industries who are helping us change the lives of so many students.

Our Major Sponsors

Department of Defence

The Department of Defence (DOD) has been the primary National supporter of REA’s programs since 2008 and REA activities now form part of the DOD’s Schools Pathways Program.

The DOD are keen to raise students’ awareness of possible career opportunities and knowledge of Defence and Defence industry pathways whilst increasing the number of students undertaking Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects in participating schools.

The long-term benefits Department of Defence aims to achieve by being involved with REA include:

  • Increasing the pool of young people ready to move from school into education and apprentices, internships, scholarships and part-time work/study combinations relevant to defence industries;
  • Educate Australian Youth about the employment options available in defence industries;
  • Contribute to the development of appropriate skilled workforces in Defence & Defence Industries; and
  • Improve defence industry’s competitiveness through an increased pool of future, upskilled employees.

Visual Connections

Visual Connections is the supplier association for the print, graphics and signage industries which together form the largest component of Australia’s manufacturing sector. Itself a not for profit company, it provides education, exhibitions, sponsorship, grants and networking opportunities to its industry members and is keen to promote the career pathway opportunities for students within these industries.

Utilising print, graphics and signage is a large role in the work students undertake as part of their involvement in REA programs. Visual Connections plays a key role in helping the students connect with industry and industry mentors.

Saab Australia

Saab Australia has been a technology provider to our defence, security and civil aviation industries for 30 years It develops Command & Control, Command Support, Security & Surveillance and Air Traffic Management systems, employing close to 400 people and subcontracting project work to over 200 local companies.

Saab has been instrumental in developing a framework for helping students engage with directly with industry. They are regularly involved in mentoring students and play a key role in the development of the SUB in Schools program.


Autodesk is a global software developer of products which are focused on bring ideas to life through 3D technology. Their product range includes Fusion 360, AutoCAD, Inventor, Mayer, Max and Revit. Its computer aided design applications are used across many fields from architecture to Tesla electric cars.

Autodesk has made available to all Australian schools involved in REA programs free access to a suite of products which allow students to become imersed in the world of 3D design and animation.

Autodesk has 9,000 employees, has a revenue over $US2 billion and is a Forbes 100 Company.


Jetta is an Australian owned company that is leading the world in the shipping excess baggage across the nation and around the world. Since 2008 Jetta has been helping students representing Australia get their displays and equipment to these international events no matter where in the world they have been held. Jetta ships over 240 countries with rates which are cheaper than the airlines.

Our outstanding industry partners include