Get Involved


Getting involved is easy. We provide a teachers guide that steps you through the process of establishing and running F1 in Schools and to assist we can connect you to your F1 in Schools regional coordinator and to teachers in your area who will be able to share knowledge, experience and resources testing.

Schools and students wanting to undertake the F1 in Schools program must register online. We will then include you in all the appropriate emails, newsletters and communications designed to help you get started in F1 in Schools.

To be able to participate in Regional, State or National competitions all teams MUST be registered prior to their first competition event and prior to the published team registrations deadline. In addition, a Challenge Agreement Form MUST be completed by the supervising teacher, parent/guardian where applicable and returned to REA prior to the cut off dates.

There are no fees associated with School Registrations. Fees will only apply to those teams that represent their region at a State or National Final.

Classes of Competition

This competition is open to all Australian School students aged 11 – 18 years of age. There are three classes of competition:

Cadet Class (Years 5 – 12) – A simplified project open exclusively to first time entering students with a restricted pathway to state level competitions. Students may only participate in this class once.

Development Class (Years 5-9) – For first time entering students or those who have participated in the Cadet Class. Students may only participate in this class once. This class provides an international collaboration team pathway to the World Final.

Professional Class (Years 5-12) – There are two independent divisions at the State level of competition:

  • Pro Junior Division – All Students in Years 5 to 9 only.
  • Pro Senior Division – At least one student in the team is in Year 10, 11 or 12.

Other Key Information

  • At a National Final Event there is ONE overall Professional Class division. The overall Professional Class National Champions will represent Australia at the World Final.
  • Eligibility for participation in National and World Final competitions requires all team members to be enrolled as full-time primary or secondary students at the time of the event.
  • A student’s school year group is determined from the year group the student is in during the year of regional and state competition.
  • Inter-school collaboration teams are eligible to compete and they are encouraged.
  • These class definitions must be read in conjunction with the F1 in Schools™ Rules and Regulations document downloadable from the Resources page of the website.