Thomas Agars

Thomas Agars lived and breathed the F1 in Schools Technology Challenge throughout the entirety of his secondary education from 2008 to 2012. Among his peers he was best known for pushing the limits within the competition, innovating, and approaching every problem with...

Dr Tom Crooks

As a year eight student at Barker College in Sydney, Tom was introduced to the F1 in Schools program in 2004.

Tim Fulton

Despite being the son of an aerospace engineer, the adventure of forming a team to design, test, make and race miniature F1 cars led Tim to an appreciation of graphic design and visual communication.

Peter Russell

St. Bede’s College student Peter Russell stood on the podium of the F1 in Schools STEM Challenge World Finals in Texas proud in the fact that his team, Infinitude, was the second best team on the planet.

Nicole Kascak

Nicole Kascak is like no other teenager in Australia. Right now she is in Year 11 at Brighton Secondary School in Adelaide but a year ago she was in Austin, Texas, representing her country at a global STEM competition.

Hamzah Brown

Hamzah Brown enjoyed an extensive journey with the F1 in Schools STEM Challenge which began while he was in Year 8 and it took him all the way to the 2012 World Finals.

Spencer Olds

Spencer Olds is a member of a very select ‘club’ of students who have won the World Finals of the F1 in Schools Technology Challenge.

Michelle Lennon

Michelle Lennon is one of two girls who formed the team “Cold Fusion” which became World Champions of the global F1inSchools Technology Challenge in 2012.

Finn Galindo #2

Brighton Secondary School in Adelaide adopted F1 in Schools STEM Challenge back in 2005. In 2007 Finn Galindo was one of those students who put his hand up to become part of F1 in Schools.

Finn Galindo #1

A university student stood in the crowd watching proudly as the group of male and female students from Brighton Secondary School became the first South Australians to become national champions.

Matt Cruickshanks

A 20 year-old student from Sydney has realised his ambition to work in Formula One after being head hunted by Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey and the Red Bull Formula1 racing team.

The Pentagliders

Top scored in best engineered design and fastest car at the 2011 world finals. The car was made up of 17 different components. It was a very advanced design.

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