F1 in Schools is a competition centred around partnerships. Only by developing strong connections and collaborations can a team can succeed. With an upcoming focus on the 2021 F1 in Schools Victorian State Finals, a team of students from Brighton Grammar College, Victoria, who call themselves Constellation, has taken collaboration to a new level.

“We began with a simple goal, to gain brand recognition for their team on an international scale. To achieve this in four months was a monumental task. It included developing a professional image and development of an algorithm to contact sponsors in rapid time, delivering overall high yield and success.” … this is the students talking!

For these students, no one said they couldn’t. So After discussing how to grow brand scale and effectively promote their brand to the global stage, they started their relationship building at the top with one of the most well recognised international brands, “Red Bull”.

Red Bull Racing, a four-time Formula 1 World Champion team, dominates at the F1 stage. The students approached the Red Bull marketing team and established a collaborative partnership. A partnership that would see their 2021 Victorian State Finals car, named “Aurora X4”, becomes part of the Red Bull Racing marketing strategy. It would travel with the team to a Grand Prix and become an intimate marketing mix component.

Their F1 in Schools car travelled to Qatar via Melbourne, Sydney, China, India and the UAE to become part of the Red Bulls Qatar Grand Prix promotion strategy.

With the support of Red Bull Racing, together with their other sponsors Anca CNC, Coates, GoPro, AusGP and Ford Australia, Constellation has exceeded all its marketing goals. They have amassed a following of over 60,000 people from across the globe, demonstrating that by reaching for the stars, which might seem unattainable, anything is possible. No One Said they couldn’t.

As a team, they are aiming to become Victorian State champions, which would allow them to compete at the Australian National Finals a second time. Last time out, they achieved a historical best-ever finish for a team from their school – this time, they’re hoping to raise the bar much higher.

“With thanks to REA and F1 in Schools Australia for facilitating a program in which students can achieve their wildest ambitions” Team Constellation.

About F1 in Schools
F1 in Schools is the world’s biggest STEM Challenge launched in the UK in 2000 linked to the high profile, glamorous and high-tech world of fast cars and Formula 1 it motivates, engages and inspires students, introducing them to engineering in a compelling and unique competition.  Today this world-leading global education initiative operates in 54 countries.

Spanning age ranges of 9 to 19 its main objectives is to help change perceptions of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) by creating a fun and exciting learning environment for young people to develop an informed view about careers in Engineering, Mathematics, Science, Formula 1, Marketing and Technology.

Researching, designing, making, and racing an F1 car of the future is at its core. Teams of between 3 and 6 students then race head-to-head on the F1 in Schools 20 metre racetrack.  The challenge can be used as an education tool or hook to engage students in STEM subjects as well as giving them the opportunity to develop key skills such as communication, presenting and teamwork, forming a foundation for any career path they choose to follow.