Above and Beyond

Stories of students, teachers and industry, Propelled above and beyond their own expectations.

About the Podcast

 “Above and Beyond” showcases stories of achievement of students, perspectives of teachers toward STEM education and feedback from industry about the skills students will need into the future. All of our programs encourage students to go “Above and Beyond” as they develop life-long learning, build analytical problem solving and enhance their capacity to communicate.

REA is focused on encouraging students to engage with Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Our STEM-based career intervention activities link schools, industry, TAFE, universities and parents in a collaborative and entrepreneurial environment aimed


to create the next generation of innovators who will cement Australia’s economic future.

A fundamental and critical differentiator of REA’s programs is the requirement for students to work directly with industry partners in the context of their projects. The tasks faced by the students are no less complicated than that faced by engineers working on real projects. The opportunity to collaborate directly with industry, in the process of solving problems, helps students develop the communication and collaboration skills they will need to help them make the transition to the world or work.