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Creating A Generation Of World-Class Innovators

Unique Programs. Real-World Technology. Industry Collaboration.

How do we overcome the critical shortage of technical people and engineers in our nation?

How do we ensure that Australia will be a sought after innovator and pioneer in the future Global Village?

How do we capture the imagination of young people to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)?

It is imperative that we inspire, equip and guide the younger generations to be innovators… to embrace world-best technology… to expand their world view… and to believe that they can make a difference.

Re-Engineering Australia Foundation is Social Enterprise pioneered in 1998 to solve these challenges in collaboration with like-minded companies, government departments, associations and educators.

Our unique “applied learning” technical programs – backed by extensive research – are changing the education paradigm. We have found out how to excite and mentor young boys and girls so that they embrace learning and technology far beyond their years.

With our applied learning approach, focus on industry collaboration and mentoring, we have produced an environment with an accelerated learning path which enables young teenagers to master university-level technology early in their high school years.

We are creating the Australia innovators of the future and we encourage you to be a part of this revolution of change.