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A new 3D Printed Class this year and the introduction of the halo and helmet for the Dev and Pro classes

26 Years and over 1,000,000 STUDENTS


We deliver programs that are metamorphic in their nature and outcome, creating a transition in student and teacher capabilities so profound that they don’t just change a person’s knowledge base; they change them fundamentally.


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REA Learning Space

Discover the NEW hub for all the resources and guides to competing in all REA facilitated competitions.

Life-Long STEM Learning


Programs & Resources

Over 1,000,000 students have already engaged in our range of Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs. Learn about our programs and activities and see what we are able to do for you.


F1 consumables… Laser cutters… CNC Machines… 3D printers. Everything you need to create your Makerspace or STEM classroom is right here in the REA store.

Events Calendar

REA is involved in events and activities around Australia and internationally. Find out about events of interest and stay in touch with current events.

Industry Partnerships

We can’t build a Smart Nation without the support of Industry. You have the mentors, role models and cool projects that will influence young minds. Find out how you can make an impact and leave a legacy.

The Stories We Can Tell

Here’s the living proof of how we have made STEM “cool” and transformed many thousands of lives over the past two decades.

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Above and beyond podcast

Listen to the stories of students, teachers and members of industry, propelled above and beyond their own expectations on our podcast. Episodes streaming now.

STEM Career Pathways

REA facilitates career intervention activities which link schools, industry, TAFE, universities and parents to engage with STEM at schools and encourage students to take up STEM career pathways after school.

Achieving Across The CURRICULUM

REA programs facilitate a truly cross-curricular learning environment, with students engaging with STEM challenges that foster both analytical and interpersonal problem solving skills that are prized by industry.


Each year REA undertakes to measure the effectiveness of each of its programs against a set of research objectives which align with the goals of schools and Industry. This measurement process is part of a longitudinal research program aimed at helping determine the motivational drivers of children’s career decision choices.

Major Supporters & Sponsors

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