Re-Engineering Australia (REA) has a long history of providing technology into schools. In 1998 REA began providing students in kindergarten access to Desk Top Printing capabilities through its Cosmic Blobs Program. Cosmic Blobs had students as young as 5 designing and manufacturing their own toys.

Expanding Access to 3D Printing 

In 2003 with the introduction of the F1 in Schools™ program REA had a platform to take a much boarder range of technologies into high schools.

To facilitate the learning process involved in F1 in Schools, REA established technology labs in schools across Australia. These labs included CAD/CAM/CAE software, 3D CNC Routers, Laser Cutters, Desk Top printers and more. This gave students the opportunity to imagine, adapt and create anything that they could envizage …. And thus the new name for our online technology store ….ENVIZAGE.

We have also decided to brand the technology labs that we establish in schools … ENVIZAGE:LAB‘s …. in recognition of the capabilities which will exist in those labs and schools.

3D Printing

To compliment the range of technology we provide to schools we are proud to announce a distribution agreement with Makerbot in the US which will add the full range of Makerbot 3D Printers and scanners to our line up of technologies. These 3D printers compliments the range of Denford CNC equipment, GCC lasers and Pitsco educational and curriculum materials that form the core of the ENVIZAGE:LABS we already install in schools.

Makerbot 3D Printers will also play a key role in the SUBS in Schools, F1inSchools and the recently launched F1inSchools Primary Challenge, each of which will be a catalyst for the use of 3D printing technology.

We are excited about our relationship with Makerbot and excited about the oportunities with the F1inSchools Primary Challenge to again be working with students as young as 5. Seeing the fire of creativity light up the minds of our youngest innovators is inspirational.

3D Printing Case Studies

Over the coming news letters we will be providing more information about our experiences using 3D printing over the past 16+ years to solve real world problems.

These case studies including:

  • 3D Printing in support of reconstructive craniofacial surgery for Adelaide Hospital,
  • 3D Printing surfboard fins for World Champion Kelly Slater,
  • Development of the Australian Championship winning S2000 Rally car for Toyota Australia,
  • Developing engine components for V8 Supercars to name just a few.

We hope that these stories will help you inspire creativity in your students and help strengthen the notion that “No one said they couldn’t”.

Not For Profit Social Enterprise

As a NFP Social Enterprise all of the profits generated from REA’s operations are turned back to further facilitate the engaging, inspiring and educating of students and teachers. Our driving ambition is to raise the awareness of opportunities that exist in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) pathways.

Please visit our new on-line store and gain an insight into how you can establish an ENVIZAGE:LAB in your school.

For orders placed during September there will be some extra special introductory deals on 3D Printers, especially if you are already involved in F1 in Schools™ or SUBS in Schools™. So please make contact and twist an arm.