As part of REA’s implementation of F1inSchools in Australia it has been supplying technology into schools to facilitated our students having access to comparable equipment to other schools around the world. We have been doing this in NSW for the past 16 years.

The NSW Government in it devine wisdom has taken the decision to ban REA from supplying F1inSchools technology into schools an hence fundamentally banned NSW Public schools from participating in the F1inSchools program.

While F1inSchools has been written into the curriculum in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland, and we are currently working with ACARA to match the educational outcomes with the new National Curriculum …. but NOT in NSW … in NSW F1inSchools has now been placed on the prohibited list… but why?

REA is a Not for Profit (NFP) Social Enterprise which has the single aim of engaging students in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM). As a NFP all of the profits we generate are turned back into the education of students and teachers.

Having played a major role in creating and building F1inSchools to now be the largest STEM competition in the world, with over 9 million students competing each year, REA is a success story in itself  …. but thats not important in NSW … in NSW REA has been prohibited from implimenting F1inSchools technology in schools…. But why?

What is going ON?

Since the F1inSchools International Program began in 2003 Australian students have come either 1st or 2nd at seven of the nine World Final competitions. From a NSW perspective, this year 4 NSW schools will be representing Australia at the F1inSchools World Final in Abu Dhabi in November…. so why the prohibition in success?

  • Why are NSW schools being disadvantaged compared to other schools around the country?
  • Why is REA now forced to do business in every state other than NSW?
  • Why is REA being prevented from operating the most successful STEM competition in the world in NSW …. a program which has now been adopted in 44 countries around the world …. NO not in NSW … the NSW Government doesn’t want anything to do with an Australian success story!
  • Why are NSW based NFP social enterprises not supported by the NSW Government?
  • Is this a conspiracy to dumb down NSW students?
  • Who’s going to tell the 15,000 NSW students currently participating in F1inSchools that they can’t buy any more technology?

Don’t worry we won’t give up fighting for NSW students because “No One Said we Couldn’t”. We will not rest untill someone wakes up and realises students in NSW are all the better because of programs like F1inSchools.

Let us know what you think.

Let us know and we will let the politicians know that the system is broken. We’re angry and we wont take this lying down.

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