Wi-fi. Spray on skin. The black box flight recorder. Electronic pacemaker. Cochlear bionic ear. Ultrasound scanner. Google Maps. Polymer bank notes. For decades Australia has been a highly innovative design centre with products that have literally changed the world. Sadly, we have lost our grip on this position. REA is helping to re-establish our rightful place in the Global Village by raising up a new generation of motivated and skilled innovators.

Whether it was because of our shrinking manufacturing sector or outdated teaching methods, less and less young Australians have been pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related subjects at school. And few have been inspired to take up technical careers.

REA’s revolutionary solution to creating generations of world-class innovators involves applied learning programs in which the students become highly motivated to learn, extensive nationwide research, access to real-world technology and collaboration with industry.

We have changed the education paradigm. We know how to excite and mentor boys and girls so that they embrace complex learning and technology far beyond their years. On many occasions we have seen seasoned professionals stunned at the ideas being presented to them by our high schoolers.

We have created an environment of accelerated hi-technology learning that completely surpasses the limitations and restrictions of traditional in-class learning. Students engaged in our programs are able to attain university-level understanding of technology.

The added ‘bonus’ is our focus on making young people as employable as possible.

We fully understand what the business world is looking for. The “soft skills” which are not part of the national curriculum. Teamwork. Problem solving. Collaboration. Project management. Research. Communication. Public speaking. That is why these components are integral to the framework of our programs. When students are judged and mentored they know that in order to reach the heights of qualifying for a National Final or World Final they must have a firm understanding of all of these skill sets.