Gamma Raycing – Team Managers BLOG

Magdalene Catholic College

It seems like time is really starting to fly now that the ‘race to Abu Dhabi’ is reaching the final stretch. With only a month and a half to go before Gamma leaves Australia we’re really starting to feel the building pressure of representing the country at the World Finals. But at the same time we are also very excited to be given this opportunity and be able to show the world what Australian students are capable of.

Our final project including car design, portfolio and pit display are entering their final stages of design and manufacture ……and are all being kept in a top secret location until we leave in November!!

We now have all of our uniforms for the World Finals except our final competition shirt which is arriving in the coming weeks. While this may seem a small issue to outside viewers, it is a great moment for us to see the entire team really looking like a professional team.

Another proud moment was when our very own head design engineer Luke Papandrea was named Magdalene Catholic High School’s male school captain for 2015. We know that he will do a fantastic job in the year to come.

Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors, collaborators and supporters for their constant words of encouragement. These mean so much to the team.

With the days flying by it seems like nothing can stop Gamma on their journey to Abu Dhabi.

Gamma Fun Facts

  1. During testing one of our wheels decided it had a mind if its own and flew an impressive 14 meters off the track. Luckily the car was ok after a little surgery performed by the design team.
  2. The five original members of Gamma have recently finished year 11 and are beginning their HSC.

Action Update … What’s Happening?

Shopping: Last Friday the girls trusted the boys to go out shopping for casual uniforms and surprisingly they did very well! They managed to get quality attire under budget and in such a small amount of time. The following day the entire team went in to try on the chosen gear and ordered everything ready for the World Finals!

Car Design: Finally the design team is coming to a successful conclusion with the World Finals race car. We are currently finalising a few minute adjustments prior to CFD testing to validate its aerodynamic performance.

Holiday Testing: What do you mean Holiday? How about we just call it testing!

The design team has been working at a secure location to test every progression of the car. The set up at our test facility is brilliant with the complete track, smoke and wind tunnels and an office layout, which helps us, be as efficient and productive as possible.

There have been many long hours spent in this secret location. Every single day for the past week and a whole of the week to come will be lost to the perfecting of our car and display.

Pit Display: The World Finals pit display booth has been completely designed and is now in the process of being manufactured. The whole team is very excited to see the design turn into a reality!

Portfolio: The team has a finalised portfolio layout and has started writing theory to add into it. We won best portfolio at the Australian National Finals so we are striving to win the same award at an international level.

The Final Countdown!

In celebration of making it on time, on budget and on performance we will be holding an event at Magdalene Catholic High School on the 14th of October. We are very excited to showcase multiple elements of our project to sponsors, collaborators, supporters and to the other students in the schools (no cameras allowed however – secrecy must be maintained). If you would like more details or are interested in attending please email

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