Fees & Registration

Primary STEM Project

Competition Registration Fees

SCHOOL REGISTRATIONS are now open and will close on 31 June 2020. 

There is no registration cost to the school taking part in the project but the schools will need to register their schools and their interest in being involved as per the instructions below.

Primary STEM Project Car kits and Co2 cylinders are available from the www.envizage.com.au web site. As a budget, the cost of a car kit and gas cylinders to race a car is in the order of $7 – $10 per student.

You will need to have access to a race track and race timing system. Currently there are three ways this can happen:

  1. There are many F1 in Schools tracks and timing systems already located in high schools around the country and REA may be able to help you link with a high school where this equipment is available for loan.
  2. Schools can purchase the following options:
  3. Depending on your location,  hiring a track and timing system owned by REA is a possibility.
  4. In Victoria only, the government has funded an F1 in Schools track and race control system that Victorian schools can borrow at no cost. Contact REA on 1300 204 478 for further information.

A optional half day training program for teachers can be undertaken for first time teachers either at our offices or alternatively at your school. The cost of this is $450.00 (inc GST) plus any travel & living costs involved.

REA staff on-site assistance is available to help run an event at a rate of $660.00 per person per day plus Travel & Living expenses where relevant.