Why Should High Schools Students Have all the Fun

Since the F1 in Schools program started in Australia in 2003 there has been an explosion in the Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) capabilities of our Australian Students. They have shown that they can take to STEM like ducks to water, given the opportunity. To be crowned World Champions 4 times is a fantastic result and indicative of the capacity of Australian students to be the best in the world.

In November students from Magdalene Catholic High School, Newington College, Merewether High School & Barker College will be heading to Abu Dhabi with the one goal of becoming the 5th Australian team to take the crown of F1inSchools World Champions. Taking on 9 million students from 44 countries is a tough ask in itself let alone having to exceed the benchmark set by our own Australian students.

To continue to meet the challenge of international competition, however, we need to start even earlier than high school. We need to make F1 in Schools outliers of our primary students…. And there is certainly no resistance from their perspective. Just because big Brother or Big Sister spends every waking hour designing cars, and preparing their portfolio there is no reason why primary students can’t become just as involved in all the fun and excitement.

Students as Young as 5

REA began facilitating access for kindergarten students to advanced technologies in 2002. Our Cosmic Blobs program had students as young as 5 designing and manufacturing their own toys.

The capability of primary students has come a long way since then. They crave the opportunity to use technology and have shown their willingness to take on STEM problems so why not F1 in Schools.

The F1inSchools Primary Challenge will give students from kindergarten upwards access to the same technology, wind tunnels, smoke tunnels etc. as High School and University students to help them design their Primary F1 in Schools Cars.

High Schools students will need to keep an eye out for these up and coming young designers.

Collaboration and Mentoring

There is a significant need to build in our students, at the earliest ages, an understanding of the importance of STEM, both within their environment and as a potential career path once they leave school. Making STEM cool and exciting in primary schools will encourage students to make the right subject choices at high school and hence open up opportunities at university and beyond.

The F1 in Schools Primary Challenge will, in the first instance, be rolled out to Primary Schools who are able to link with an existing F1inSchools Technology (ENVIZAGE) Hub. The link between the High Schools and Primary Schools is designed to not only foster collaboration between schools but also help facilitate the Primary to High School transition.

Where Can You See the Primary Challenge in Action?

The F1inSchools Primary Challenge will be showcased at each of the coming F1 in Schools State Finals across Australia. All of the schools and teams involved at the 2014 State Finals will be encouraged to engage with the primary schools within their catchment areas.

Our goal is to initially reach 600 primary schools exposing the students to the fun and excitement of STEM projects at the earliest ages.

Our Next World Champion

We need to start breeding our World Champions young if we are to stay ahead in the real world of F1 or in the real world of STEM and F1inSchools.

Daniel Ricciardo, who is a great supporter of the Australian F1 in Schools students, is looking forward to again meeting the Aussie students in Abu Dahbi in November. He is an example of a young Australian who was given an opportunity at a very young age.

Congratulation to Daniel from all of the F1inSchools students. If you need any advice on aerodynamics there are lots of students ready to volunteer.

For More Information

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