Day 5 – Travel

Day 5 was lost to travel from Seattle across to Detroit Michigan. This was the first experience of a US airport in operation during peak hour. What a nightmare. What started as a leisurely 2 hours check-in and boarding soon became long ques, body searches for some. As we when through the checking process it felt like hundreds of thousands of others had chosen to be there with us. After the baggage drop, security clearance, train ride and walk we made it to the gate with 10 minutes to spare. We flew Alaskan Airlines which was quite pleasant and there was actually room between the seats? Something Qantas has forgotten to include in their layouts.

Day 6 – Ford Rouge Factory tour, Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Park

The tour of the Ford F150 Manufacturing facility was spectacular. The video/light show they put on as an introduction toe the company was ground shaking … literally … as we experience one of the best 4D light and film experiences any of us had ever seen. The Ford Factory has a huge focus on energy saving. The roof of the plant as far as the eye can see is covered in plants which absorb all the water and dust that land on it so that the rain water run off does not enter the Rouge River. We are not able to take pictures inside the manufacturing facility but there were a couple of cars on display in the foyer. _DSC1962 _DSC1963 _DSC1964 _DSC1968

Henry Ford Museum

This is a place were you could spend days looking at the history which as been preserved by Henry Ford. From the car in which J F Kennardy was shot in, the largest steam train you have ever seen, historical farm machinery and historical furniture are just some of the items contained in this huge museum. _DSC1973 _DSC1998 _DSC2020 _DSC2028 _DSC2024 _DSC2025

Greenfield Park

A fantastic collection of buildings and history from across America which preserve a way of life from another era. Another place to spend days visiting … the Disneyland of History. _DSC2031 _DSC2033 _DSC2061 _DSC2084 _DSC2092 _DSC2115 _DSC2142 _DSC2222 _DSC2225 _DSC2236 From her we spend the day traveling by bus to Washington DC to visit the Smithsonian and experience the 4th July in Washington.