Day – 19  Stuttgart Germany

Porsche Museum Visit.

Part one of Day 19 involved a tour of the Porsche Museum. The Porsche museum is an amazing piece of Architecture which is filled with exception examples from the Porsche history. Exhibits ranged from one of the first Porsche’s through to the latest 24 hour Le Mans car.

One of the most amazing elements in the museum was the technology wall which allowed you to interact with all of Porsche’s history at the touch of a finger. This is highlighted in the video below.

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Mercedes Benz

The visit to the Mercedes Benz Plant included a shop floor tour of the S Class & Maybach manufacturing facility. A large focus of the tour was on use of robotics and how Mercedes utilises steel, aluminium and glue to build stronger and lighter bodies.

While we were not allowed to take pictures inside the manufacturing facility we were able to photograph the first ever car – which Mercedes are very proud to acknowledge was first driven by a women.

We thank Mercedes for a magnificent tour and the opportunity to get down on the shop floor. Both the students and teachers appreciated the effort and engineering involved in implementing robotic manufacture. On this site alone there are 35,000 employees, 10,000 of whom work in the Engineering design centre.

There is nothing we have seen can not be achieved in Australia.

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Day 20 will be a relaxing drive from Stuttgart down to Geneva ready for our tour of the Hadron Collider.