Day 14 –  A Day of History

Day 14 was meant to be a day of relaxation but being a Saturday if felt like the whole of England and Europe were had the same idea and decided on the same places to visit. The crowds in Bath were particularly intense.

Castle Combe

We started the day with a visit to Castle Combe. A place that seems to be locked in a time warp.

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Next we visited Bath and came face to face with hordes of tourists. Bath is famous for the engineering undertaken to build the Roman Baths over 2000 years ago. It is also famous for its Architecture.

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Finally it was a visit to Stonehenge which was constructed 6300 years ago. Much discussion was made about how Stonehenge was built.

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A Day of history against which the students and teachers can compare the technology we have had the opportunity to interact with over the past weeks.