Oxford University – Day 13

After being surprised by what we found at Stanford University we had no perspective before we arrived that Oxford University was about to take our breath away. You could easily spend a week here looking at the Museums, colleges and the living town that Oxford is.

The range of things to see and do in incredible … from the first ever Science Museum housing writings of Einstein, through to the pub where Bob Hawke downed a yard of beer in 11 seconds (He still holds the record).

The following pictures tell a minute portion of the story.

_DSC2866 _DSC2864   _DSC2860 _DSC2859 _DSC2857 _DSC2854 _DSC2846 _DSC2843   _DSC2831 _DSC2828 _DSC2825 _DSC2823


_DSC2862 _DSC2805

_DSC2816 _DSC2800