Architecture in Schools

Discovering The Next Gehry

Re-Engineering Australia Foundation is proud to be associated with the world renowned architect, Frank Gehry, and it is from his inspiration that Architecture in Schools™ was born.

Understanding that not all students want to pursue engineering, technical and manufacturing career paths we developed a high-level program focused around form, function and aesthetics.

Architecture in Schools enables city classrooms to connect with students in regional and remote areas and collaborate on designing a space that meets the needs of the community. It might be a town centre, a self-sufficient green space or a recreation area.

Students utilise the research, design and analysis skills that were developed in F1inSchools STEM Challenge, Land Rover 4×4 in Schools Technology Challenge, Jaguar Primary School Challenge or Subs in Schools Technology Challenge…and learn additional disciplines including architecture, interior design, surveying and infrastructure planning.

Architecture, form, function and interior design aesthetics.