Day 10-11 … Smithsonian to Bletchley Park

Day 10 & 11 just rolled together and what amazing days they have been!

It all started at the Smithsonian Space and Flight Museum at Dulles Airport in Washington DC where we came face to face with the Space Shuttle Discovery, The Blackbird, the Enola Gay, Mars Rover and the Joint Strike Fighter and hundreds of amazing aircraft and space craft exhibits. Words just can’t describe the experience so here are a few pictures.

_DSC2614   _DSC2613 _DSC2633 _DSC2639 _DSC2645   _DSC2647 _DSC2656 _DSC2646 _DSC2664 _DSC2666 _DSC2670 _DSC2671   _DSC2675 _DSC2622


Two days blurred into one as we then flew to the UK (not much sleep) and immediately visited Bletchley Park, the home of the code breakers and the birthplace of programmable computing. To be able to touch the German Enigma code machine was a fantastic experience for the students and teachers. The stories about how 10,000 people worked in this one environment to defeat the might of the German army was awe inspiring.

_DSC2687 _DSC2750 _DSC2745 _DSC2722

Everyone is exhausted but with smiles on their faces. After a big sleep for us all, tomorrow we visit the Land Rover Design & Test Facility in Coventry.

Everyone is traveling well and enjoying themselves.