Space Loading Dock (SLD)

The Challenge Task

The third of the Projects engages Primary Students. It has student teams design and construct a method of loading a payload from a platform onto the MTV, designed by a separate group of students. 

Slightly less complex in content, the goal is to introduce primary students to the concept of collaborating with older students, learning from them and solving problems together.

A range of items are to be loaded onto a Mars Transport Vehicle (MTV). The design of the loading structure is open.

This project does not require teachers to have any unique or specialised skills. There is no need for knowledge of coding or specific Design & Technology skills.

This program is targeted at students in years 4 – 6.

Space in Schools

For Teachers

This project is all about having the students think through a problem of human habitation, brainstorm a broad range of ideas and concepts and then rationalising the best of these ideas into a solution that meets the design criteria.

The project has students draw on knowledge and skills in science and math and then use this knowledge to solve a real problem. They should develop design scenarios and then use research in all areas of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) to develop their concepts for solutions to each particular activity.

Eligibility & Team Makeup

Teams – Each team can consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of five students in years 4 through 6. The young people may all be of the same age or a mixture of young people of different ages. Educational organisations may set teams with young people from across other year groups. 

Get Involved

Getting involved is easy. We provide a teachers guide that steps you through establishing and running SPACE in Schools, and we can connect you to teachers in your area who will be able to share knowledge, experience and resources.

There is also a design guide that will soon be available for download to assist students and teachers with the project and aid the design development journey.

Schools and students wanting to undertake the SPACE in Schools MTV program must register their interest below. We will then include you in all the relevant emails, newsletters, and communications to help you get started in SPACE in Schools.

All teams must be registered before their first competition event and before the published team registrations deadline to participate in State or National competitions. In addition, a Challenge Agreement Form must be completed by the supervising teacher, parent/guardian where applicable and returned to REA before the cut-off dates.

There are no fees associated with School Registration. Fees will only apply to those teams that represent their region at a State or National Final.

Do you have what it takes?