F1 in Schools – Primary (Paper) Class

the f1 in schools Primary class (Paper Cars)

This program engages students from as young as five in building and racing a paper-based F1 car on a full-sized F1 in Schools track or a more affordable roll out track. This STEM project is excellent for students in primary school or early high school years. Students can gain an introductory level understanding from this easy-to-run school-based activity.

The challenge also comes with a range of Learning Resources.


The Car

For the Paper Class, students create their own design using markets or paint, then assemble the paper car for racing.

The paper cars are powered by CO2 canisters capable of reaching speeds of 80km/h.

Teams are also required to use the REA kit wheels, available on the REA Store.



Class Division

The Primary STEM Class is open to students in year five through seven, with no restrictions on team structures, or how many times a school may repeat the project with the same body of students.

The class is designed to be run as an internal competition within a school (or group of schools if desired) and any additional rules and restrictions can be made at the digression of the school hosting the event.

Many high schools involved in F1 in Schools use the Primary STEM Project as a means of engaging with their feeder primary schools and run it as a challenge.


Detailed Overview

Here is a detailed overview of the Primary STEM Project. This gives an overview of the different ways to run the program in your school. 

Do you have what it takes?

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