F1 in Schools – Mini Project

the f1 in schools mini project

The Project is designed to capture the magic of the F1 in Schools experience in a condensed program, enabling your students to design, make, test and race their own car designs, while also working on branding, marketing and sponsorship tasks as a focussed team.

It is broken down into 6 core units of work, with downloadable teaching and learning resources, giving a versatile and manageable program – perfect for any STEM related subject, ideal as a Transition Year Project or after-school activity!


  • Hands-on learning
  • Seeing ideas and designs come to life
  • Developing skills in STEM-related subjects
  • Building teamwork and inclusion
  • Developing confidence
  • Problem-solving
  • Evaluating and improving designs
  • Improving communication skills

The Car

Students harness their STEM skills to Design, Make, Assemble, Test and Race their very own paper F1 in Schools car.

The car is comprised of a paper model car powered by a compressed air system, running on a 10 metre track.




The Mini F1 Project will come as a complete package, with over 20 ready-made lesson plans, and a wide variety of engaging and learning resources.

The project is delivered using six units of work, broken into individual lessons with teaching notes and lesson plans. This allows the project to be delivered as part of any STEM based curriculum. 

Check out the Mini F1 Project Flyer to learn more.

Full range of resources coming soon.


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Do you have what it takes?

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