F1 in Schools – Development Class

the f1 in schools DEVELOPMENT class

Years 5 – 9

This class of competition serves as the middle ground between the Cadet and Professional Class. In addition to the car, teams must also produce an Engineering and Enterprise Portfolio, along with a Trade Display and Verbal Presentation, all of which are assessed by a panel of judges.

This competition level provides students with the pathway to the State and National Finals, where the winning team is selected to form a collaboration team to represent Australia at the F1 in Schools World Finals.


The Car

In the Development Class, the car body and rear aerofoil must be machined from balsa only but teams are permitted to have a 3D printed front aerofoil.

There are still some restrictions in this class to simplify the machining process for manufacture. 

Teams are also required to use the REA kit wheels, available on the REA Store.


Competition divisions

This class is an entry-level class for students who have never previously competed or only previously competed in the Cadet Class. Students can only compete in this class once and must be in years five through nine.

It is recommended, but not required, that students begin their F1 in Schools journey with a season in the Cadet Class first. This will provide many of the learning experiences necessary to compete in the Development Class.


Do you have what it takes?

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