World STEM Tours

The Ultimate Educational STEM Experience

Imagine visiting such places as Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Williams Formula One, Boeing, Google, Stanford University, Oxford University, Autodesk, the Hadron Collider, Henry Ford Museum, Land Rover Design Centre, Ford Manufacturing Facility, Farnborough Air Show and Smithsonian Institute. Places which are ‘off limits’ to most people.

Teachers, students, professional engineers and parents thrill to the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity provided by Re-Engineering Australia Foundation with our World STEM Tours.

Drawing on the international relationships we have developed over the past 30 years, we introduce people to technology and senior executives responsible for running the world’s most advanced STEM organisations.

For anyone interested in pursuing a technical career path this is an invaluable insight into the rapidly advancing world of design, engineering and manufacturing.

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Day – 9 – 4th July Celebrations

4th July Today is the 4th July - Independence Day ... the American equivalent of Australia Day. Its a day for bar-b-ques and having fun and Washington is set up for one big party. Part of the 4th of July celebration in Washington involves a parade down Constitution...

Day – 8 Washington DC

Day 8 - Washington So much to see and so little time ... Washington is a sensory overload. The holiday weekend  has Washington full of visitors here to experience the Independence Day activities.   Day - 8 video    

Day 6 – Ford Tour & Henry Ford Museum

Day 5 - Travel Day 5 was lost to travel from Seattle across to Detroit Michigan. This was the first experience of a US airport in operation during peak hour. What a nightmare. What started as a leisurely 2 hours check-in and boarding soon became long ques, body...

Day 4 – Boeing & Seattle

BOEING, Today was a remarkable opportunity to visit the BOEING manufacturing facility to see the assemble of the 747, 777 & 787 jet liners. Unfortunately we were not able to take any pictures inside the facility but the memories will not be washed away easily. We...

Day 3 – Stanford & Google

STANFORD University, Stanford University if an absolute surprise packet.  The history is fascinating and the grounds are stunning. We have nothing like this in Australia. The University church contained the most amazing stained glass windows and mozaics. We could have...

Day 2 – Autodesk Visit

Today we had the opportunity to visit Autodesk. We started the day at the newly established Autodesk Gallery at Number One Market Street San Francisco. The gallery is dedicated to showing examples of projects undertaken with Autodesk products and covered the areas of...

DAY 1 – San Francisco

Today was the start of a three-week journey of discovery. They came from Broken Hill, Dubbo, Noosa, Cairns, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney. Teachers and students alike, all with the goal of learning as much as possible about the application of...



A TRIP OF A LIFETIME FOR STUDENTS AND TEACHERS. Just imagine if you could tick off the bucket list: Google, Autodesk, Stanford University, BOEING, Henry Ford Museum, Washington DC, Smithsonian, Arlington, London, Bletchley Park, Land Rover Test Centre, Oxford...