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STEM on the Move

Taking STEM to regional and remote communities the STEM on the Move

mobile classrooms are loaded to technology travels to regional and remote communities to promote what is possible with modern technology. They will  facilitate equity of learning between city and country and promoting the development of technology businesses in the bush.

At multi purpose teaching tool … teaching students during the day …. upgrading teacher skills in the evening …. and showcasing to the community over the weekends.

Manned by student teachers it provides opportunity to experience life as a teacher in the bush.

STEM on the Move (SOM) will consist of (initially) 5 mobile STEM classrooms that can be taken to regional and remote schools. STEM on the Move aims to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as career choices for young people is remote and regional communities. These classrooms will bring the subjects closer to schools and pupils by allowing them access to high-­‐quality science and Engineering equipment and courses.STEM on the Move

‘STEM on the Move’ is a mobile laboratory and workshop equipped with everything required to deliver a state of the art learning experience to schools across regional and remote Australia.


  • Work with State and Federal agencies to promote the value of education and training opportunities by addressing current and future skills shortages
  • Remove geographic disparities in year 12 studies and tertiary qualification attainment. Access to education and training opportunities is one of the fundamental building blocks for a prosperous community; however, it can be difficult for some people to take advantage of the opportunities that are available.
  • Perceived poor education standards and lack of opportunities to quality education, particularly in remote areas. The gap in educational attainment, literacy and numeracy between indigenous and non-­‐indigenous children –young people living in remote Aboriginal communities are seriously disadvantaged with very limited access to training, VET and employment opportunitie
  • Making it possible for students to work and study close to home
  • Building the foundations for economic development opportunities, particularly in centres in rapidly growing regions or in poorer areas with high unemployment 
  • Provide economic development and population growth matching job creation and location with residential growth.

STEM on the Move 2

One mobile STEM classrooms will operate each of the following states: Qld, NSW, Vic, SA (&NT) & WA – 5 mobile classrooms in total initially. In the longer term separate mobile classroom would be implemented in NT & Tas with additional mobile classrooms for WA & Qld.

While these classrooms can operate within capital cities the intent is for these classrooms to be primarily focused on taking the STEM experience to regional and remote schools. The mobile classroom with be equipped with all of the REA programs including F1inSchools, allowing regional and remote to compete in with the world.