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SPACE in Schools


The SPACE in schools STEM Challenge, tasks school students to design and build a virtual Bio-Medical Space Hub proposed for construction on the surface of Mars.  The students’ task is to form a virtual design company which will make a bid for the design of this Bio-Medical Space Hub. They will have to build a 3D virtual model of the Space Hub and then present their design ideas to a team of industry judges.

The challenge is an exciting and fun learning environment for students. Students are encouraged to go beyond the minimum, be creative and innovative to explore different design options. Some of the design challenges the students will face are similar to those faced by engineers when designing a space vehicle, building a hospital, creating an operational space on the Future Submarine or designing a mobile medical centre for a regional or remote community.

The program will expose students to 3D and Virtual Reality design software and provide design challenges that will provide opportunities for creativity. It will promote working and contributing to a team environment and introduce students to the use of virtual reality and gaming technologies as tools for developing solutions to human spatial and environmental problems.

SPACE in Schools will allow schools to participate in a sophisticated STEM program, at minimum cost and without the need for access to workshop facilities. In addition this project does not require teachers to have any unique or specialised skills. This project is about students thinking through a problem of human habitation, brainstorm a broad range of ideas and concepts and then selecting the best of these ideas into a solution that meets the design criteria.


1. Download the 2020 Space in Schools design brief by clicking on the image icon below.
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3. Start designing your SPACE HUB.