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Software for F1 in Schools

There are a number of software options available for schools wanting to undertake the F1 in Schools™ program with information and pricing for non 3D CAD products available by clicking here.

REA can recommend or provide solutions for some software options as follows:


Schools or students wanting to undertake the F1 in Schools™ program must have access to 3D CAD software to design their models.

There are a large number of 3D CAD solutions on the market developed by AutoDesk, PTC, Dassault Systemes and Siemens  to name a few, and all are suitable to use for the F1 in Schools™ program. Many vary in price, training and support and the options which are included in the Academic licencing arrangements for schools and students. Teachers will need to do their own homework by visiting the various websites.

Whilst REA do not recommend any particular software, there are four providers that have developed an F1 in Schools™ tutorial which would make it easy for schools to get up and running quickly.

  • AutoDesk – Inventor
  • PTC – CREO Parametrics 2.0
  • Dassault Sytemés – CATIA
  • Dassault Sytemés – Solid Works

For more information on licencing, training and learning materials, click here.


Models designed in 3D CAD and requiring to be machined will need to be converted to a tool path that a CNC machine recognises. QuickCAM Pro is an advanced, yet simple to use, wizard based CAM package, which is used to create cutter paths for machining 3D parts on a milling machine or router.

Both STL files and image files can be imported into QuickCAM Pro, and a comprehensive set of machining plans can be used individually or in combination to produce complex 3D surfaces and lithophanes.

For more information on QuickCAM Pro, click here or contact REA on 1300 204 478.

VR CNC Milling

VR Milling is CNC machine control software used to operate the REA supplied Denford range of mills and routers. However, an optional site licence provides for a full class of students to  be trained hands-on in ‘real’ CNC machine operation and project manufacturing validation using virtual reality technology in a lab environment.

Single Click G & M Code dictionary look-up allows students and teachers to easily learn about and understand G & M Codes within their program files.

For more information on VR CNC Milling, click here or contact REA on 1300 204 478.


The Virtual Wind Tunnel provides an innovative and cost-effective way for schools and colleges to analyse and test their F1 cars. The results will provide you with information relating to the potential performance of your design, and provide guidance towards the areas for improvement.

For more information on VWT, click here or contact REA on 1300 204 478.