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Toyota Primary Schools Challenge

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Australian Men's Shed AssociationMen’s Shed goes F1

Boys make the majority of their most important decisions around the age of 14 and their decisions are usually predicated on the amount of personal interaction they encounter during the period they are hunting for guidance and direction in their life. For them continuous interaction with role models is a critical component in their development.

Men of all ages respond to guidance from peers and respond well to being able to put back into society in a way which helps to maintain positive self image. The need has given rise to the creation of activities like “The Men’s Shed”: a program based on providing a forum for Men to put back into society and to interact with each other.

Men’s Shed Goes F1, brings together the activities of the Men’s Shed as natural role models/mentors, students and youth off the street and using a platform which can inspire and provide direction. It will provide a platform for the young to interact with social role models in a positive and exciting way.

Men’s Shed Goes F1, will provide a platform where students, youth off the street and tradesmen can come together to share experiences and ideas. Designing an F1 car at the age of 17 or 70? Why Not? There is plenty of enthusiasm on each end of this time line willing to give it a go.

International Solar Challenge

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