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Universities & TAFE

REA FoundationREA Foundation, TAFE Colleges and universities share a unique and mutually beneficial relationship. From one direction, REA is capturing the attention of teenagers across the nation, providing motivation and tools to encourage them to learn more, and guidance to consider a technology based (engineering) career. REA promotes the secondary-tertiary education pathway as the best means of educating young people to prepare them for a fulfilling future.

From the other direction, TAFE’s and universities openly interact with REA across Australia because they know that programs such as F1 in Schools are where they will find young people focused on diploma and degree-based careers. They are able to connect with prospective students and promote the variety of courses and support mechanisms available to them. In the end it is the young people who are the winners. They are given the resources, industry-spec’ technology, mentorship and a clear understanding of the education pathway to confidently determine their future direction.

TAFE’s and universities have benefited from the REA relationship in numerous ways including:

  • Staff involvement in mentoring programs
  • Improving the image of industries and engineering courses
  • Creating a funnel of students interested in undertaking engineering
  • Hosting REA events such as F1inS state finals

Many high schools involved in the REA program are reporting enrolment demand in design and technology related subjects increasing by 300-400%. Annual participation rates by Australian schools in the F1 in Schools™ program surpass those in any of the 42 other countries involved, including the UK and USA.