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Corporate Sponsorship

Pentagliders with James Allen, F1 commentator

Pentagliders with James Allen, F1 commentator


REA offers sponsors significant opportunities to raise awareness of their organisation. This can be in and around schools career opportunities, within the community as an opportunity to highlight corporate citizenship, within the sponsor company to raise employee engagement or through the promotion of the role career development benefits industry and the community as a whole.

REA welcomes the opportunity to work with sponsor personnel to identify agreed key messages and priority target groups in order to define a strategy that directly provides the maximum return for the sponsor’s investment.

REA Foundation is involved in a wide variety of ongoing marketing activities throughout the year – via our internal marketing team and in cooperation with our partners’ resources. These initiatives range from media events to displays at trade shows and expo’s to black tie dinners. For example, a national road show of displays and presentations has been included as part of high-profile engineering conferences and expo’s, business development-careers-government and educational industry Foundations; and we have been asked to speak at a number of these. Direct mail campaigns, email campaigns (e-newsletters), advertising in selected national newspapers, and our website ( help stakeholders stay in touch with our progress. To date the flow of information has ended up on both international and national television, national radio, in major metropolitan newspapers, engineering industry and educational magazines and newsletters, local press, on corporate and government websites, and in school websites and bulletins. Towards the end of each year a national celebration event is staged to profile the work of REA, our Partners, and of course the students.

Sponsorship is accepted at many levels being:

  1. National Sponsor
  2. Project Sponsor
  3. Corporate Member
  4. Private Member

REA National Sponsor

National sponsorship attracts an involvement fee in the order of $150,000 each year for a three year period.

National sponsors are invited to have a participant on the National Management Committee. The REA implementation team also works with the sponsors marketing departments to develop an integrated internal & external marketing program that will provide an appropriate outcome commensurate with the generous involvement.

To maximize the value of participation for each of our major sponsors we work with the respective marketing teams to develop a set of awareness activities to maximize the level of recognition achieved in the market place, ensuring alignment with each company’s strategic positioning. Through its technology partners, REA has developed a significant collaboration and support network with schools, students and linked industries. These provide excellent opportunities for our partners to have their brands and messages communicated to thousands of students. Because our programs end up involving parents, they too are part of the target audience for marketing messages.

A significant component of this fee is assigned to the employment of additional staff to focus specifically on achieving the agreed outcomes of the national sponsor.

Project Sponsorship

Most State Governments have now committed to fund the establishment of a number of school hubs across Australia. The Foundation is continually seeking further Government and industry “project specific” funding to establish further schools hubs across Australia, enabling all Australian schools to participate in the Schools Innovation Design Challenge. Each Hub allows up to 300 students to directly take part in the programs and provides access to the latest engineering technology for a further 1500 students.

The cost of the equipment which is supplied to each hub school, including training of teachers in the hub and satellite schools is $70,000. This money is raised from government, local industry and individual donations. In addition to financial support we would also welcome in-kind contributions to the activities of the Foundation and in particular, encourage business to adopt their local school as a way to share experiences and encourage young Australians to take up engineering and manufacturing as a profession.

Project sponsors have the option to sponsor implementation of technology at a hub or at a specific school. Project sponsorship also covers specific event including the very prominent National Finals events.

Event and Project sponsorship can be at many levels depending upon the specific event and the opportunities which we are able to offer the sponsor associated with that event.