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F1 in Schools™ is a fun and exciting engineering challenge that is open to every enrolled Primary and Secondary school student between the ages of 11 and 19 years of age.

Whilst many of the schools currently registered are Secondary schools, Primary schools can become involved either independently or by linking up with their local Secondary school and forming ‘Collaboration’ teams consisting of Primary and Secondary students.

Students undertaking F1 in Schools™ can form teams and enter Regional finals which eventually feed into a State and National Final with the best junior and senior teams selected to represent Australia at the World Final.

F1 in Schools™ is the largest and most successful Engineering challenge in the world with more than 34 countries currently involved.

Australia is one of the best performing countries with World Champions in 2006 and 2011 and podium finishes at all other World Final events except 2007.

There are two ways you can become involved!

1. Students of Registered Schools

Students who attend a school registered to deliver F1 in Schools™ will typically undertake the project as a curriculum subject (e.g. design, technology, maths or science) or as an extra-curricular activity.

Extra-curricular means that you do the project in your own time and in addition to your normal subjects. This could mean doing the work during your lunch-time, sport, after school, weekends or even your school holidays.

To find out if your school is registered to deliver F1 in Schools™, ask your Principal or ring REA.

Registered schools will have teachers guiding student teams through the project

2. Students of Unregistered Schools

From 2012, we are giving students the opportunity of joining F1 in Schools™ independent of their school. This means that even if your school is not registered to deliver the F1 in Schools™ challenge, you can still enter the competition by yourself or you and your friends can get together and enter as a small team of up to 3 members!

However, you can only enter in the new Cadet Class of competition. For more information on the F1 in Schools™ and the Cadet Class of competition, download the General Information Booklet.

Where to from here?

  1. Read the General Information Booklet including information on the Cadet Class.
  2. Check out the Team Registration page on the REA website, complete the registration and pay the fee.
  3. Download the Rules and Regulations making sure you are familiar with ALL the rules including the special rules for the Cadet Class.
  4. Download all relevant resources from the REA website (e.g. Marking Criteria, Logos etc.)
  5. Complete your project before the date of your local Regional Final. Regional Contacts can be found on the REA website. Alternatively, ring REA for information on Regional Final dates.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact REA on 1300 204 478.