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Educational Outcomes

F1 in Schools™ is multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary program. It inspires students to collaborate with industry partners within the context of their projects to learn about engineering principles such as physics, aerodynamics, design, manufacture, leadership/teamwork, media skills and project management, and then to apply them in a practical, imaginative, competitive and exciting way.

The F1 in Schools™ program addresses several key learning areas, whilst at the same time getting even the most uninitiated students interested and involved in engineering, design, science and math related classroom activity.

The program relies on public speaking, project planning, development and management, resource procurement, industry links, graphic design and manufacturing engineering. In addition to the more obvious outcomes, students develop many personal and employability skills, learning about working in a team, working towards a common goal, time and resources management, seeking industry support and mentors.

Whilst teachers play an interface role between students and careers they do not always have the experience or knowledge sufficient to facilitate the messaging, which will bring about sustainable career decision choices in students. By bringing together Industry, teachers and students into collaborative and innovative environment to work on real world projects we are facilitating the formation of sustainable partnerships with schools in a way which increases the interaction between industry role models, knowledge about career opportunities and the students.

Industry and the educations system works together to provide the ongoing guidance and support to both teachers and students. This also provides an opportunity for industry to be the catalyst for a sustainable change in the future of the country.

For Schools

We have been able to enhance the reputation of the schools involved and increase the status of technology teaching at those schools. We have seen as a direct of implementing the program in other states an increase in the numbers of students choosing to undertake Design & Engineering subject, increased teacher enthusiasm and increased involvement and collaboration with Industry.

For Universities & TAFE

We have improved the image of industries and engineering courses offered within their local communities creating a funnel of students interested in undertaking engineering. We facilitate staff engagement in mentoring programs. and hence increased morale and excitement for their profession.

For Industry

The program increases a desire to establish linkages with their local community and in particular with schools. The program will provide an increase in new entrants with improved employability skills. Provide opportunity for Industry/Schools engagement and hence opportunities for employee mentoring in schools. Companies can adopt a school and join in the competition. The program has also provided valuable opportunities for personal development through mentoring programs with students and the chance to share ideas gained from a lifetime of experience. These partnerships are an excellent example of what organisations can achieve by working together with communities to encourage as many young Australians to contribute their innovation toward developing a better Australia.