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Competition Registration & Fees

School and Team Registrations

SCHOOL and TEAM REGISTRATIONS for the 2017 AUSTRALIAN Competition are now CLOSED.

For further information, please contact REA on  02 9620 9944 or 1300 204478.

Competition Registration Fees

At State and National competition events there are registration fees that apply for each team.

These fees will assist in funding the administration and management of finals events including the provision of exhibition style displays for team trade booths and trestle tables where relevant but do NOT include team travel, accommodation and meal costs associated with the final events.

It is each team’s responsibility to raise the sponsorship required to fund the competition phase, including Registration Fees.

There has been a fee increase for this year and is the only increase since 2013. The Registration Fees for the different stages of the 2017 Australian competition will now be:

RegionalFinal Team Participation Fees
All Classes: Generally Nil Cost but this is at the discretion of the Regional Hub Coordinator.

State Final Team Participation Fees
Cadet Class Teams (1-3 members): $175.00 inc. GST
Development & Professional Class Teams (3-5 members): $415.00 inc. GST

National Final Team Participation Fees
Development & Professional Class Teams (3-5 members): $850.00 inc GST

Regional Finals are not run in all states. Click here for more information.