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2015/2016 Season: Participation Agreement/Challenge Terms and Conditions for State & National Finals

State & National Finals Participation Terms & Conditions

2015/2016 Season


1.1.     All supervising teachers / adults should carefully read and understand the terms and conditions for entry to the F1 in Schools State & National Finals events.

1.2.     It is the responsibility of the supervising teacher/s to ensure that all of their team members are fully briefed with regards to these terms and conditions.

1.4      It is the responsibility of each supervising teacher to ensure that their teams / students get to the associated programmed events or pick-ups on time, as per the schedule for the final published by the event organisers.

1.4.     Supervising teachers are responsible for checking any notices or variations published or announced by the organisers before or during the event.

1.5     Supervising teachers must ensure that all team members are present and properly attired and that they participate in the program as published for the event.

1.6.     Teachers / Schools agree that teams attend REA Foundation Ltd. organised events by invitation and process this at a school level as per any normal school variation to routine policies and procedures.

1.7.     Designated supervising teachers / adults are responsible for the welfare, well-being and duty of care of all student members of their teams.



2.1.     Supervising adults / teachers and / or team members are responsible for any cost that may be incurred whilst attending and participating in the event, or as a result of this invitation to attend the event, except where expressly noted that an activity, accommodation or travel cost is to be funded by the organisers.  The F1 in Schools™ , Formula One Management (FOM), Event sponsors, Re-Engineering Australia Foundation Ltd. and event organisers cannot take responsibility for any additional cost incurred whilst attending the event or as a result of an invitation to attend the event.

2.2.     It is the responsibility of the supervising adult / teacher to organise travel / local transfers to any airport and to the accommodation / venue before, after and during the event, unless otherwise stated in the itinerary.

2.3.     ONLY COMPETING teams and a max of (2) supervising adults per team are invited to attend, as bound by this agreement.

2.4.    Any team participating in State and National Final events will incur a Registration Fee as per the schedule appearing on the website at the following URL: .

2.5     If REA Foundation Ltd. does not receive payment for all teams registered by the due date on the invoice or at the very least 28 days BEFORE the final, the team(s) concerned will not be permitted to compete in the event.

2.5.    Teachers must advise REA Foundation Ltd. in writing if they wish to withdraw a team from a State or National Final at least 28 days before the scheduled start date of said final.

2.6    If a teacher fails to notify REA Foundation Ltd. in writing of their intention to withdraw a team from a State or National Final, the school with be liable to pay REA Foundation Ltd. any out of pocket expenses REA Foundation Ltd. has incurred including but not limited to the provision of expo style booths for team Trade Booths.



3.1.     If REA Foundation Ltd does not receive completed Team Registration Form, electronically signed Participation Agreement and where applicable declaration forms and Media Consents 28 days prior to the commencement of the event for ALL teams and students, the team(s)/students concerned will not be permitted to compete in the Final.

3.2.    All teams will be judged by the official REA Foundation F1 in Schools™ Rules and Regulations. It is the responsibility of supervising adults / teachers and team members to REA Foundation Ltd. and understand these rules (including any updates)

3.3     In addition to these regulations, teams will need to be ready for any presentation or race event as per the Final Event Schedule.

3.4     Any breaches related to these Challenge Terms and Conditions may result in team/s being disqualified from the challenge.


4.0       Judges, Judging and Prizes

4.1.     PLEASE REMEMBER THE JUDGES DECISION IS FINAL. Any grievances with regards to Judging and / or the Rules and Regulations (or otherwise) must be in writing and handed in to the Chair of Judges / Event Director before the deadline published in pre-event information. If this time has passed, grievances should be recorded in writing and dealt with as outlined in point 7.1.

4.2     Prizes awarded may include, but not limited to; Professional Class (Junior and Senior at State Finals, overall at National Final) Development Class and Cadet Class Champions (State Finals only), as well as the category awards outlined in the current Australian Competition Rules document. Other prizes and awards may be added at the discretion of REA Foundation

4.3     Overall Professional (Senior and Junior) and Development Class winners will be invited to represent their State at the F1 in Schools™ Australian National Finals. Cadet Class Champion teams may be invited to display their project at the National Finals if space will allow.

4.4     REA Foundation Ltd. may provide ‘wildcard’ invitations to competing State Final teams for the National Final and to National Final teams for the World Final. REA Foundation Ltd. provide ‘wildcard’ invitations based on a number of criteria and not necessarily to ‘runner-up’ teams in class divisions. The decision made by REA Foundation Ltd. is final and non-negotiable.


5.0       Conduct & Good Practice

5.1.     Staff and volunteers working for / with REA Foundation Ltd will be made aware of our Code of Conduct (see 9.0) and events procedures (see 8.0).

5.2.     Staff and volunteers working at any REA Foundation Ltd event should report any violations of the code directly to a REA Foundation Ltd employee.

5.3.     The event coordinator is the designated person for dealing with any concerns about the protection of children and ideally any incidents should be reported to this person.

5.4.     Staff and volunteers are advised not to spend time alone with one or more child / student without the supervising teacher / adult present

5.5.     Presentations should be conducted with other judges or staff present and where possible with the students’ teacher / supervising adult present.

5.6.     The teacher / supervising adult should be made aware of any meeting / presentation, at which their students / teams will be expected to attend and where possible they should be given a time for the meeting / presentation.

5.7.     In any situation that may become physical or violent with students / teams, staff or volunteers should call on assistance from their teacher / supervising adult or the event co-ordinator who will determine whether further assistance is required.

5.8.     Physical contact between staff, volunteers and students is not required at events. There may however be a time when physical contact is unavoidable or necessary, at which point the member of staff or volunteer physical contact should only take place with the consent of the child or student and the purpose of contact should be clear.

5.9.     Staff may be required to contact students outside of the organised events / scheduled program but this will always be done with the knowledge of the supervising teacher who shall be copied into any communication.

5.10.  Staff and volunteers should never allow children to use inappropriate language unchallenged. Students using inappropriate language may be asked to leave the event and this will be at their own expense.

5.11.  Teachers / supervising adults and students in attendance at an REA Foundation Ltd event should read our Code of Conduct (see 9.0).

5.12.  Under no circumstances should alcohol be consumed by any F1 in Schools™ team member at any point in time throughout the event and / or any organised dinner function/s. It is the responsibility of the supervising teacher/adult of each team to ensure that students are aware of this and that they strictly adhere to this requirement. This applies to all students including those 18yrs and over.

5.13.  REA Foundation Ltd reserve the right to refuse entry to teams who do not adhere to the rules and regulations of the challenge or if their behavior is deemed to be unsafe / unsuitable. Teams may also be asked to leave the venue and return home early at their own additional cost.


6.0       Incident Reports

6.1.     Any incidents of suspected abuse, bullying, violence, harm or injury should be reported in the appropriate manner to the Event Director, who should make a record of such incidents as outlined in the events procedures (see 8.0).

6.2.     Any complaints, disciplinary matters or grievances should be reported to the Event Director who will try to resolve the situation at the earliest opportunity. Should your concerns not be resolved please lodge a formal grievance though procedure outlined in 7.1

6.3.     Any incident (as listed in 6.1) or safety related accident must be recorded in writing and sent to:

Re-Engineering Australia Foundation Ltd.
PO Box 136
Castle Hill  NSW  1765

6.4.     All incident and accident reports should be copied and kept as a record at REA Foundation Ltd office address and reviewed and addressed at Management group meetings.


7.0       Grievance Procedure

7.1.     Any person, teacher, employee, staff or volunteer wishing to raise a formal grievance or complaint outside of the allowances for lodging these at the event, must do so in writing and address this to the Management of REA Foundation Ltd.


8.0       Events Procedure

8.1.     All event procedures are outlined by the event program, Rules and Regulations document and supplementary documentation sent to teams and teachers before an event.



9.0       Code of Conduct

9.1.     Those representing REA Foundation Ltd shall discharge their duties with integrity and uphold the reputation of Re-Engineering Australia Foundation Ltd.

9.2.     Those representing REA Foundation Ltd in discharging his/her responsibilities to their profession shall have the full regard to the interest of his/her employer, colleagues, teachers and students involved in REA activities and the general public.

9.3.     Those representing REA Foundation Ltd shall not act in any manner which may affect the professional reputation of REA Foundation Ltd and the schools entering the challenge.

9.4.     Those representing REA Foundation Ltd shall not act in any manner, which may reflect adversely on REA Foundation Ltd or F1 in Schools™ activities.

9.5.     Staff and volunteers are asked to ensure that students are praised for the work they have done and any ‘criticism’ should be communicated in a positive, constructive manner.

9.6.     Staff, volunteers, carers, parents, teachers and students who attend events are expected to behave and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner for the event organised.



10.1.  You agree to forward all examples of media coverage including newsprint, school newsletter or any other publicity generated due to participation in REA Foundation Ltd activities, to REA Foundation Ltd if requested by REA Foundation Ltd.

10.2.  You agree to notify REA Foundation Ltd of all approaches to you by any media, publicity agent, magazine, journal, television entity and seek approval for the representation of REA Foundation Ltd by you or the school team in any publicity or media activity.

10.3     You agree to promote REA Foundation and the Defence Materiel Organisation as sponsors of F1 in Schools™ when communicating with media.