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Pit Displays

Booth Information

Each team will be supplied with the following:

One Velcro™ compatible Corinthian expo style booth with External Dimensions of 2000mm (L) x 1040mm (W) x 2400mm (H) as per the downloadable shell diagram.

REA will provide with each booth the following:

  • Access to 4 amp power
  • 1 x 300 watt arm light
  • 1 x fascia with team name
  • 1 x trestle table of dimensions 1800mm (L) x 750mm (W) x 730mm (H) on request.

REA will NOT provide:

  • table coverings
  • power board
  • velcro or other fasteners
  • step ladders

To download the complete shell diagram, click here: 2013 National Final Pit Display Shell Diagram

To download the Team Booth allocations document, click here: Team Booth Allocations

To download the Venue Plan Layout diagram, click here: Venue Floorplan Layout

 Setup & Pack Down

Setup:  Wednesday 27 February 2013: 8.15am to 9.45am.

Packdown Thursday, 28 February 2013: From 4.00pm to 5,00pm.

Teams will be required to set-up a project display as outlined in the 2012/2013 Season’s Rules and Regulations and supplementary information provided to Teachers and Teams.

Teams are allowed a maximum of 1.5hrs only to complete their pit display setup and no team will be allowed to set up outside this 1.5hr negotiated time block.

Booths must be fully fitted out during the allocated 1.5 hours. No items can be removed from the Pit Display until the allocated Pack-Down times and no new items can be added to the display after the initial set-up other than marketing/promotional giveaways that may run low throughout the day.

Please note the following conditions:

  1. Teams may ONLY display with the expo booth area provided. No part of a team’s pit display is to extend or protrude beyond the confines of the stated booth dimensions provided. This includes pull-up banners, flags and balloons.
  2. Development Class Teams MUST adhere to Rule 2o regarding Pit Displays. See appendix on Page 19 of the 2012/2013 Rules and Regulations.
  3. The walls of the booth are Corinthian type. You may ONLY use Velcro and we recommend self-adhesive hook.  Strictly, no, pins, nails, staples or glue. When removing the Velcro care must be taken that the booth walls are not damaged. Any damage incurred by a team will be paid for by that team. Booths will be inspected once a team has packed down.
  4. Students will need to supply their own table coverings and a power board if required. If using tablecloths with trestle tables, REA recommend these cover the entire front of the table down to the floor to hide any property ‘hidden’ under the table.
  5. Chairs are NOT permitted in or near the booths unless it is a stool especially designed for the booth and this MUST sit within the volume of the booth dimensions provided.
  6. Teachers or other adults MUST NOT assist teams with the set-up of pit displays. All booths must be designed so that adult assistance is not required for setting up. This includes power, lighting and height issues. Step or full sized ladders will not be provided.  Therefore teams need to factor this in to their set-up requirements if they cannot supply their own.
  7. Teams may provide their own booth internal walls and tables/cabinets* so long as they strictly fit within the booth provided. No part of a Team’s substitute internal walling system can encroach beyond or above the walls of the booth provided by the competition organisers.
  8. Booths will be pre-allocated to teams as per the Team Booth Allocation Listing. Also refer to the Plan Layout to identify where team booths are situated within the competition venue. Teams must use the booth allocated and booths cannot be re-positioned by any team unless there is an obstruction to the booth or issue of OHS and this must first be approved by the Competition Director and the Chair of Judges.
  9. Teams MUST NOT play sounds or music in their Pit Display at a loud volume. Any sound or music played must be strictly relevant to the project such as commentary on a video produced by the team and not just for ‘entertainment’ value or as background music.

Refer to Portfolio & Pit Display Score Card in the 2012/2013 Rules and Regulations.

*  See Item 2 of the above list.

Note: All pit display items must be removed from the Airshow precinct at the conclusion of the competition on the afternoon of Thursday, 28 February 2013. NO items are to be left behind or ‘dumped’ at the airshow.

Transporting & Storage

Where teams are unable to travel with their pit display components, an option of couriering items beforehand is now available.

Any team wishing to take advantage of this option must observe the following:

  • Maximum 2 person lift capacity.
  • No option for forklift or pallet jack at destination.
  • All single items preferably no more than 30kg in weight.
  • All items must be clearly labelled with delivery address below and senders details.
  • All items must be well packaged with no risk of injury occurring when unloading at the destination. E.g. No exposed, sharp corners.
  • Delivery to destination MUST occur between Wednesday, 20 February and Monday, 25 February. Items will NOT be received before or after these dates.
  • Tracking details and consignment number MUST be emailed to REA immediately once known. This will assist the planning of our VIC contact being available to receive the goods.
  • When booking courier, destination contact name and mobile number must be supplied to the courier company and instructions given for the driver to ring our contact PRIOR to delivery as destination is not manned continuously throughout the day.
  • Teams are responsible for all courier costs to the delivery address.

Delivery/Destination Details

St Andrew’s Tennis Club
Cnr Russell & Wedge Sts
Werribee  VIC  3030

Contact Details

Joe Micallef
P: 0439 667 625
E: [email protected]