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REA Standard F1 Car Parts

Corporate Logos

You MUST use the corporate logo files below for any of your work related to the F1 in Schools™ technology challenge.

F1 in Schools™ Logos
The use of the F1 in Schools™ logos outside of the technology challenge is NOT permitted and use of this logo within the ‘Challenge’ is NOT permitted on social media pages. Note that the new Formula 1® logo has replaced the Formula One™ logo. Updated Branding Guidelines coming soon.

Australian Government Department of Defence
The Department of Defence logo is available in the Corporate Logos zipped file. See Branding Guidelines for more information.

Hub & Team Sponsor Logos
The use of hub and individual team sponsor’s logos is encouraged and they should be displayed at any events and on any of your letterheads, websites and other promotional materials.

Sponsored Hub Logos


F1 in Schools™ Learning Channel

The F1 in Schools™ Learning Channel is a secure learning environment, where schools can run and monitor their own F1 in Schools™ courses.  Achievement is tracked via the portal, with tutors being able to monitor the progress of individuals and groups. Launched in February 2016,  the innovative F1 in Schools™ Learning Channel is a dedicated video tutorials portal, which delivers a series of 22 films covering all the judging elements of the highly successful F1 in Schools™ Technology Challenge.  The video tutorials engage with students though their delivery style, with advice from past and present students who have successfully completed the challenge, offering an exciting way of encouraging students to become involved in F1 in Schools™.

Download the brochure by clicking here.

Made with students FOR students – featuring hints and tips on how to become a Champion – the F1 in Schools™ Learning Channel is a definite Winner!

Register for free access to the F1 in Schools™ Learning Channel by clicking here.

Professor Julius Sumner Miller builds F1 car

Professor Julius Sumner Miller’s TV Show “Why Is It So?” was broadcast on ABC TV from 1963 to 1986 and became an instant hit… Read More