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Competition Results


In Australia, Re-Engineering Australia Foundation (REA) hosts all State/Territory and National Final competitions. These are usually conducted at interesting venues and can include industry visits as part of the programmed activities.

The standard sequence of Australian competitions now runs across two calendar years.  The State Finals held Sept/Oct/Nov in one year will feed to the National Final in February/March of the following year.

REA does not manage Regional Finals. Results for these competitions can be accessed through Regional Coordinators.

State & National Finals

State and National final judging includes all categories detailed in the marking criteria, a copy of which can be downloaded from this website. 

Note:  The new Cadet Class will not proceed beyond the state final level of competition in the 2012/2013 season. However State Champions in this class will be invited to display their projects at the 2013 National Final. Interest in this class will be evaluated at the end of the current season and consideration given to including it as a National Final category in the 2013/2014 season.

Class Champions of State and National Finals will be determined by combining point scores from all categories. Other category awards will be determined on separate or a combination of category totals.

Note:  The  ‘Most Energy Efficient Design’ award is not always presented at every State Final. The decision to provide this award will largely depend  on the time and equipment available to test cars.

For a full list of awards presented, refer to the General Information Booklet uploaded to this website.

To access results of past State and National Finals, click here.

World Finals

The National Development Class and Professional Class Champions are invited to represent Australia at the World Finals.

World Finals are generally held over one week (including organised team activities) between September and November of each year and where possible are held in conjunction with a Formula One™ Grand Prix.

Australia has an enviable record of success at the F1 in Schools™ World Finals since they were introduced in 2004.

Results of all teams representing Australia at World Finals can be found by clicking here.