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Competition Registration & Fees

Step 1: School Registration

School Registrations for the 2017/2018 Season are NOW OPEN! School Registration closes 31 May 2017.

ALL schools wishing to deliver the 4×4 in Schools challenge and/or participate in the competition in 2017 must register online by the advertised date. The School Registration is valid for ALL REA STEM projects and must be completed each year.

Teachers must first submit a School Registration before moving on to complete any Team Registration/s. There are NO fees associated with the School Registration process.

To register your school, please click here.

Step 2: Team Registration

Team Registrations 2017/2018 Season are NOW OPEN! Team Registrations closes 31 July 2017.

SA teams MUST be registered no later than 26 June 2017 to meet deadlines imposed by organisers of the Royal Adelaide Show who host the State Final.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING before proceeding with the registration process:

  • Schools delivering the Land Rover 4×4 in Schools program must first complete a School Registration prior to submitting a Team Registration.
  • To be eligible to participate at ANY level of the competition all teams MUST be registered prior to their first competition event and prior to the advertised published team registrations deadline.
  • There are fees associated with State and National Final competition events.
  • No team will be permitted to compete at a State or National Final competition unless registration is submitted prior to their first competition event  and within the stated deadlines.
  • Teachers ONLY must register their teams. NO student is to undertake the registration process. Registrations submitted by students will not be accepted. Teachers are requested to use a valid school email address for the registration process.
  • Teachers MUST have a valid account to create, edit and manage their team registrations.
    • If you already have an account set up but have forgotten your username and/or password, select the ‘Lost your password?’ option at the login page and follow the instructions.
    • System generate automated emails can result in being classified as spam or end up in your junk email box, so be sure to check this if the email does not lodge in your inbox.
    • To create an account, select the ‘Register’ option from the login page. To navigate to this page, simply click on the link provided below.
    • You must be logged in to your account to register teams for the Australian Competition.
  • IMPORTANT: You must accept the Terms and Conditions on the registration page before proceeding with the registration. Click here to read these before proceeding to the Team Registration page.

These automated systems can result in emails being classified as spam or ending up in your junk email box so be sure to check this if the email does not lodge in your inbox.

To register your team/s, login first, select the REA Foundation ‘Visit Site’ link top left of page, then click here. If you do not have a valid account, follow the steps outlined above to complete your Team Registration/s

Competition Participation Fees

At State and National competition events there are participation fees that apply for each team.

These fees will assist in funding the administration and management of finals events including the provision of exhibition style displays for team trade booths and trestle tables where relevant but do NOT include team travel, accommodation and meal costs associated with the final events.

The participation fees for each level of the Australian competition for the Land Rover 4×4 in Schools Technology Challenge in 2017 will be:

State Final Team Participation Fees
Beginner and Professional Class Teams (3-5 members): $415.00 inc. GST

National Final Team Participation Fees
Beginner and Professional Class Teams (3-5 members): $850.00 inc. GST